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Texas State Flag Patriotic Concealment case

Texas State Flag Patriotic Concealment case

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Everything is Bigger in Texas

Hiding your valuables often means out of sight and also, out of mind.  What if you could hide them close, and in something stylish? Our case allows you to hide your valuables nearby.  Allowing you to get to them as quickly as you need to.  Case comes with a battery operated RFID lock(batteries included).  RFID lock comes with 3 separate keys. The foam to hold your item is 2" thick.  To place your item, trace it and use the included utility knife to cut it out.  

  • Flag case measures 40"wide, 21.5" tall, and 5" deep. 
  • Case mounts directly to your wall. Mounting Hardware included. 
  • Concealment case comes with 2" thick solid foam
  • Comes with RFID lock, add on optional LED lighting to your case. 
  • Hand Crafted from Solid Wood in Lancaster, Pennsylvania  


If you are looking for our standard Patriotic Concealment Case, you can find that here


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