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Movie Reel End Grain Cutting Board

Movie Reel End Grain Cutting Board

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Handcrafted Movie Reel style End Grain Cutting board.

  • Made from Solid Walnut and Maple.
  • This board measures 12.25" x 11.5" by almost 1.5" Thick
  • End Grain boards hold up longer and are better for your knives!
  • After producing these boards we soak them in food grade Mineral Oil to seal and treat the wood. They should last years and years.

Things you can cut on our cutting boards

-Raw Meat

Things you can't do with our cutting boards

-Place in dishwasher(they must be handwashed)
-Soak in water filled sink
-Lay flat to dry (doing so could trap water underneath and cause boards to warp)

If your boards are looking dry, you can reapply a mineral oil, or beeswax/oil combo. This will keep your board looking new for years!

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