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Live Edge Bath Caddy

Live Edge Bath Caddy

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Time for Self Care

  • Made from Solid Cherry, Maple or Black Walnut
  • Hand Crafted in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • Carved out spot for stemmed wine class & flat bottom mug or cup.
  • Carved out spot for 4 votive candles. Candles are included with purchase. 
  • Removable book holder
  • Choose from 30", 32", 36" and 40". To find the best fit for your bathtub measure the inside of the tub and add 4 inches. 
  • Free from chemicals. This caddy is finished with food safe products that make it beautiful and water resistant. 
  • Guaranteed to have at least one live edge
  • Great gift idea! 

Close the bathroom door, fill up the tub with some hot water, add some bubbles, light some candles, grab a beverage and your favorite book, and just relax. Sound inviting? Then this bath caddy is for you. All of the wood we use is air dried for a minimum of 2 years, and then kiln dried for 4-6 weeks. After we have carved all of the cut outs, we sand to a glass like finish and then apply a natural based oil. 



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