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Farmhouse Triple Socket Pendant Light

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Farmhouse Triple Socket Pendant Light

  • This Light is made from all solid wood and is stained Jacobean
  • Measures 36" long and 5.5" Wide
  • These unique black cages can sit flush against the beam at 12" or hang down from the beam at your choice of 15"-30" Measured from the ceiling to bottom of the cage
  • The light mounts directly to your ceiling, not to the electrical junction box. We provide all of the hardware necessary to mount the light along with detailed instructions.
  • We include complimentary LED edison bulbs that are the equivalent of 60 watts. Each socket can house up to 100 watts of incandescent bulbs
  • Hand Crafted in Lancaster, Pennsylvania 
  • Custom Size and colors available. Contact us to build your custom light today!  


- One 36" long beam with 4 hanging pendant sockets
- 3 black cages
- 4 LED edison style light bulbs
- Mounting hardware and instructions

Please note that this beam light is not one piece of wood. It is created with 3 pieces of wood carefully crafted together for ease of installation.

As with any electrical improvement it is recommended that a professional be involved in the install.



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