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Liberty Series - Concealment Coat Rack - Family style

Liberty Series - Concealment Coat Rack - Family style

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Liberty should always be close

Keep your family safe, discreetly

  •  Case is 40" long x 16" high and comes out from the wall 5"
  •  Made from Solid Eastern White Pine
  •  Secure RFID lock with card and two extra key fobs
  •  Thick foam to support your goods(knife provided to cut it)
  •  Made in Lancaster County, PA
  • Painted Alpine Green with the word Family carved out


Looking to store some of your favorite home defense tools near the front door? Now you can with our latest piece of Concealment gear. Comes with an RFID lock and auto open struts to allow to you to access your gear quickly and safely. Added bonus of coat rack hooks to truly make this a secret storage space.

Add on LED lights so that you don't have to even turn the lights on in the middle of the night if the situation warrants it.

All packages are shipped and packed professionally. If you receive a package that the outside box is damaged note it before accepting delivery. If after opening it, something is damaged, contact us immediately. We may ask you to provide photos of product and packaging. Keep all packaging as the delivery company may require it to fulfill the damage claim.

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