Frequently Asked Questions



Q. Can I get a custom location of the electrical connection.

A. Absolutely!  We make all of our items to order, you'd request that during the checkout process

Q. Can I request a different stain color?

A. Yes you can.  We use Minwax stain for all of our lights. You can choose from any of the attached colors, not pictured but also available is true black. Stain Choices

Q. What is the distance the cages hang down on a flush mounted light?

A.  The total distance is 12" from the ceiling to the bottom of the cages.  For our lights that the pendants hang, the distance listed is from the ceiling to the bottom of the cage there as well.

Q. What color are the cages?

A. They are Black, unfortunately that is the only color we offer.

Q. Can the lights be hooked up to a dimmer switch.

A. Yes, they can, however dimmer's don't tend to love working with LED bulbs

Q. What is the max wattage bulb that can be used.

A. Each socket can accommodate up to 100 watts.


Q. Are the lights UL rated?

A.All of the components we use to build the lights are UL listed. The light fixtures themselves have not been UL tested.

Epoxy items

Q. Is Epoxy food safe?

A. Once the Epoxy is cured, it is food safe.  You could eat right off of any table, tray or coaster.

Q. Can I choose the color of the Epoxy?

A. Absolutely, we can create just about any color you can imagine.

Q. How durable is the Epoxy?

A. Epoxy is stronger than the wood once cured.  



Q. Do you have any furniture in stock?

A. No, we build all of our furniture to order, that ensures you get exactly what you are looking for.

Q. What is your lead time?

A. Lead times varies per season, but we let you know up front what that is.

Q. Will your furniture hold up to a move?

A. Our furniture is built to last a lifetime.


If there are other questions that we have missed here, please let us know! You can click here!