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Wood - Why we choose the wood we do

Why does it matter?

Choosing the right wood for your furniture piece or project, needs to be considered carefully. Whether you're looking for a specific color, grain pattern, density, or finish the choice is crucial! Where we source that lumber is just as important. Because we are here to create quality products to the best of our ability with you and your family in mind.

Hardwood vs Softwood

What choices go into choosing quality timber? Cost, choosing soft or hard wood, and how it is dried. The cost of your project is determined by what choice of wood you decide on, softwood or hardwood and then what species! Softwood comes from confiner trees. Trees like Pine, Spruce and Fir. Because these trees grow rapidly, they are made of a less dense grain. This has its benefits as it is a more absorbent grain, softwoods are great to use if you are looking for that exact stain color. Like the name suggests, they are on the softer side, so dings and dents will start to show as the piece is used. Hardwoods comes from flowering trees such as oak, maple, cherry and walnut. These tables are finished with a high-quality food safe finish that seals the table and brings out the stunning grains of the wood and its rich colors. It is so safe your toddler can lick the table. Hardwoods, are just that, HARD.

You probably already have a cutting board in your kitchen made out of hardwoods.  Hardwoods can take a beating and barely show it.  Perfect for a piece for families to gather around for generations. 

You really cannot go wrong with either option and we love helping people pick what best fits their home and needs.

Where do we buy our lumber?

We love working with our local lumber yard because they put a lot of thought into how they treat the wood when a tree is taken down. Unlike the big box stores that only kiln dry their wood, our lumber comes air dried first and then kilned. The extra step taken from our friends at Groff and Groff Lumber actually helps the wood stay stronger and helps keep its natural beauty without compromising its end color and finish.  

Groff Lumber

Home, where dreams are created and memories are made. How often do you sit at your dining table creating those special moments with the ones you love? We hope often! And We would love to be a part of your story. As a company that seeks to excel and set a solid standard with our furniture, we look for a higher quality lumber to use when making our tables, benches and cabinets. Your home is where your dreams are dreamed and memories are made; where game nights, Superbowl parties and Holiday dinners happen; and we are here to be a part of those treasured moments.  Check out some of the past tables we have made, we would love to make one for you!  

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