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It's Wedding Season!

It’s that time of year again! When the air gets warm and fresh, when nature comes back to life and when wedding bells start ringing. Oh yes, it’s wedding season. Here at Crafted we love, love. We are a family-owned business that had a wedding and engagement in our own lives this year. It is a beautiful reminder of how incredible life can be when we see two people come together. From decorations, to wedding party gifts, to gifts for the bride and groom that will make a lasting impression, we are here to help!



We are excited to be bringing back our ever-popular cupcake stand along with some new options this year! We know rustic weddings are still popular but we also wanted to add a light ethereal look with a new white cupcake stand option and pipe colors in silver and gold! We want to best serve your needs and help you create the wedding reception you always wanted.

Buying gifts for your wedding party can also be daunting task on top of all the other wedding to-do’s. So, we made a solution for you and created a product line of beautiful hardwood charcuterie boards, cutting boards, and coasters! We make our charcuterie boards out of a few types of locally sourced hardwoods to not only add various colors and grain patterns but also to give you a long-lasting product. How fun would it be to create a gift set for your wedding party with their favorite alcohol of choice, a charcuterie board and a cheese cutting set? Or you could grab your groomsmen a coaster with and find an engraved whiskey glass and his favorite drink. The possibilities are numerous. You could also be in the position of wanting a unique gift for the bride and groom. We got your covered, a charcuterie board be a great addition to those kitchen items you got the lovely couple. Create a gift set that will be sure to give them memories for years to come; a useful gift that is beautiful and can be personalized! One of my favorite things to do is create gift sets with correlating items that are sure to bring my friends and family a joyous surprise. Make your gift an experience!

We got started making these items about 4 years ago for a family members wedding and then saw it as an opportunity to expand our creativity making the first cupcake stand, the first of many! Then Mother’s Day a few years back Jason decided to hand-craft a cutting board for his wife; and she still uses that board to this day thanks to our restoring board butter! Making these beautiful wood pieces brings deep satisfaction of not only doing our best and creating something beautiful but also creating something that will last, something that means more than just a gift from a local chain store, something that we know will go into someone's life and create a beautiful memory. That’s the reason we keep creating.

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