How it all began

This Light is where it all began. My wife, Lisa, wanted a set of farmhouse lights for our home office. With my background in woodworking, I knew this was something I could easily build for her. Creating these lights lit a creative spark in me that I had long forgotten was there. I began building and creating all kinds of things for our home. It started small with the lights, then simple trays and grew into cabinets and eventually dining room tables. Lisa had been selling some of her own crafts on Etsy so together we decided to begin selling our wooden creation thru that platform as well.

When we created our company 5 years ago, it was just Lisa and myself, working out of our home. We worked well together, as I dreamt up and built each piece, and she would add all the finishing touches in sanding, painting, & staining.  But as the business grew it proved too much for us to handle on our own. We are so proud of the team of talented creatives we are fortunate to have surrounded ourselves with that now make up the Crafted team today.

We are constantly "dreaming" of the next product, from our wildly popular lights, to our best selling USA Flag concealment case.  Custom projects are one of our favorite things to do, many of our best selling items came out of a custom project.  When you purchase from us, you can buy with confidence knowing that each item is made from solid lumber sourced and milled right here in Pennsylvania, and hand crafted by our team. 

5 years in, and we love what we get to do, more importantly, we love that what we do makes the world a little cooler, one room at a time.

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